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Covid-19 Information

Drop off and collection 

Please be mindful that the return to the normal school start and end times will increase the volume of people on the school site. We encourage all adults to maintain physical distance and wear face coverings when on the school site, unless you are exempt for medical reasons.



During the school day

During the school day, we will continue to operate with year group contact groups, with staggered break times and lunch times and no large gatherings (e.g. assemblies). This is only to limit the number of contacts the children have during the day.



Positive case

Test, Trace and Protect (TTP) will contact anyone who has a positive PCR test for Covid19 or anyone identified as a close contact. Any further changes to our operations will be reviewed in line with any Welsh Government announcement and/or their determination of the national level of risk.


As a school, we have been informed that TTP will contact us and will provide us with instructions such as sending out a ‘Warn and Inform’ letter to inform you of the measures you can take to keep your children and family safe.


It is no longer the case that your child needs to go home if they have been in contact with a positive case. Welsh Government state that children should remain in school unless they receive a positive Covid test result or display symptoms of Covid-19.  Your child may attend school while they are waiting for Covid test results (providing they do not have any symptoms).


If your child does come into contact with a positive case, we advise that you monitor any symptoms that may arise over the next few days.  You are also encouraged to test your child on Day 2 and Day 8 with a Lateral Flow Test. It is not a legal requirement for you to test your child but it will help to keep your family safe if you choose to do so.


  • If your child tests positive, your child will need to isolate for 10 days.
  • If your child is negative, they return to school as normal. 
  • If your child displays no symptoms they should attend school as normal.


The guidance from Welsh Assembly Government has now changed. This means that:

  • People under the age of 18 do not need to isolate if they have been in contact with a positive case.
  • People who have been double vaccinated do not need to isolate if they have been in contact with a positive case.


Your continued cooperation and understanding is very much appreciated. Please be assured that all decisions we make are after very careful consideration, ensuring we continue to provide a safe and effective learning environment for our children.