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Family Homework Project

As you did such a great job on the last Family Homework Project, we’ve made this one bigger and better than ever! The same rules apply…each Family Homework Project submitted to Tredegar Park Primary School (when we return) will receive a raffle ticket for the chance to win a family hamper. There will be one family hamper for Foundation Phase and one family hamper for Key Stage 2. 


Your challenge for this project is to imagine that you are a Headteacher and you have been given the opportunity to make the school even better.  If you could make the school even better, what would you do? We would like you to make a model of one of the rooms at Tredegar Park Primary School. However, instead of making the model represent what the room currently looks like, we would like you to make a model of how you would like it to look. 


Think about what we’ve got in the school already. If you are feeling creative, you can draw the different rooms and annotate your drawings with your ideas. You could even make a book with all your drawings and sketches. 

  1. Nursery in the Family Forest Centre 

  2. Nursery Outdoor Area 

  3. Reception A 

  4. Reception B 

  5. Reception Outdoor Area

  6. Year 1 A

  7. Year 1 A Outdoor Area  

  8. Year 1 B 

  9. Year 1 B Outdoor Area 

  10. Year 2 A 

  11. Year 2 B 

  12. Year 2A and 2B Outdoor Area 

  13. Year 2 C 

  14. Year 2C Outdoor Area 

  15. Year 3 A 

  16. Year 3 B 

  17. Year 4 A 

  18. Year 4 B 

  19. Year 5 A 

  20. Year 5 B 

  21. Year 6 A 

  22. Year 6 B 

  23. Miss Thomas’ Office 

  24. Main Reception 

  25. Mrs Morgan-Boyett’s Office 

  26. Senior Management Team’s Office 

  27. Planning, Preparation and Assessment Room 

  28. Staff Room 

  29. Family Engagement Room 

  30. Helpful Hwb 

  31. Learning Link 

  32. Digital Den 

  33. Creative Cwtsh 

  34. Key Stage 2 Kitchen 

  35. Foundation Phase Kitchen 

  36. Ambitious Area 

  37. Confidence Corner 

  38. Nurture Nook and Canine Corner 

  39. Forest School Room 

  40. Foundation Phase Hall 

  41. Key Stage 2 Hall 

  42. Radio Room

  43. The Building Block  


You can make a 2D map, 3D model or even a paper-based pop up model. The possibilities are endless. We would like you to think about what the rooms in the school look like now and how you would like to improve them. Think about how the rooms look and how you would decorate them. Create some mood boards with the different designs you would like to see in the rooms. Would you like to see more art on the walls or would you like to see photographs of your friends? Would you like to see more equipment on the playground? Do you think we need more benches to relax on the playground? Do we need a playground Buddy Bench where children can sit if they want to make more friends? Think about what you would like to see when you come to school. 


We have asked you to paint a rock for our Happiness Rock Trail/Garden. Think about where you would like this to be within the school grounds.  One of our favourite places to learn and play in the Foundation Phase is the Lego Wall. We have used a wall in one of our corridors to build a huge Lego Wall to let our imaginations soar. We have lots of empty walls in our corridors. Can you think of anything you would like to make for our walls? For example, we could have a large Chalkboard Wall where you can create fabulous pieces of art. We could create a huge pin board where we can display all your fabulous work. Use the internet as well as your imagination to find some ideas to develop our empty spaces. Remember, when we work together, anything is possible! 

Miss Thomas would like to focus on the Digital Den, the Foundation Phase Kitchen, the Ambitious Area and the outdoor spaces during the next year. It would be great if you could help her to make these changes! 


This is a big task so good luck and have fun!