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  • Write a postcard from the country
  • Write a story located in the country
  • Acrostic poem of the country
  • Make a leaflet for the tourist board, e.g. ’Come and visit…’
  • Fact file about the country (e.g. national dish/dress, flag, capital city etc.)



  • Population figures - make a table comparing with other countries – which has the most / least population?
  • Weather graph of temperatures throughout the year / rainfall / humidity etc.
  • Highest mountain / longest river / oldest building
  • Timeline – ordering the history of the country
  • Counting in the national language
  • Plan a trip to the country – flight costs / accommodation costs / attraction tickets
  • Currency – compare costs of popular items, e.g. bread, milk, chocolate



  • Features of the country – names of rivers / mountains etc.
  • Flags – draw the flag. Design a new flag
  • Landmarks – design a poster to encourage visitors
  • Capital cities – compare with Cardiff / London
  • Industry – what does the country produce / export?
  • Famous citizens, e.g. popstars, film stars, politicians
  • Sporting achievements – Olympics, world record holders
  • Inventions – famous inventions from the country
  • National costume – draw the costume, design a new costume for the 21st century
  • National Newspapers – what is the name of the Newspaper? Write an article about an event in history


Science and Technology

  • Famous inventors fact file
  • Research native species, e.g. plants & animals
  • Habitats – adaptions for the country’s weather


Religious Education and World Views

  • Local religions
  • Celebrations in the country
  • Places of worship – where do people go?
  • Religious stories
  • What are the main news headlines in the country right now?


Expressive Arts

  • Draw / make build a landmark
  • Collage the national emblem / design a new emblem
  • Find out about artists from that country
  • Make art in the style of (above)
  • Research folk music/composers
  • Famous musicians – play along with a well-known song using body percussion
  • Who is the current number 1 in the charts / download charts / streaming
  • What was number 1 in the country’s chart when you were born
  • Instruments used in the National Anthem
  • Write a song about the country



  • Who is the Prime Minister? / Do they have a Prime Minister?
  • Where is the government based – do they have a government building?
  • How many members of parliament does the country have?
  • What are the names of the political parties?


Challenge: Create and perform a song to encourage children to wash their hands.  Upload your performance to the school Twitter page to receive 5 Dojo points. There will be 5 extra Dojo points for those who get their families involved in the performance!