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Key Stage 2 Ideas



Key Stage Two

This term’s topic is ‘Where’s Wally’ and children have been studying a country within their class. Please find below some ideas for activities that could be completed during your time at home to continue the learning about the chosen country.


We do not expect you to complete all activities, possibly choose one from each area or choose the activities that interest you.  You will find an exercise book in your 'Home Learning Pack' which you can use to record any work.  


  • Write a postcard from the country
  • Write a story located in the country
  • Acrostic poem of the country
  • Make a leaflet for the tourist board, e.g. ’Come and visit…’
  • Fact file about the country (e.g. national dish/dress, flag, capital city etc.)



  • Population figures - make a table comparing with other countries – which has the most / least population?
  • Weather graph of temperatures throughout the year / rainfall / humidity etc.
  • Highest mountain / longest river / oldest building
  • Timeline – ordering the history of the country
  • Counting in the national language
  • Plan a trip to the country – flight costs / accommodation costs / attraction tickets
  • Currency – compare costs of popular items, e.g. bread, milk, chocolate



  • Features of the country – names of rivers / mountains etc.
  • Flags – draw the flag. Design a new flag
  • Landmarks – design a poster to encourage visitors
  • Capital cities – compare with Cardiff / London
  • Industry – what does the country produce / export?
  • Famous citizens, e.g. popstars, film stars, politicians
  • Sporting achievements – Olympics, world record holders
  • Inventions – famous inventions from the country
  • National costume – draw the costume, design a new costume for the 21st century
  • National Newspapers – what is the name of the Newspaper? Write an article about an event in history


Science and Technology

  • Famous inventors fact file
  • Research native species, e.g. plants & animals
  • Habitats – adaptions for the country’s weather


Religious Education and World Views

  • Local religions
  • Celebrations in the country
  • Places of worship – where do people go?
  • Religious stories
  • What are the main news headlines in the country right now?


Expressive Arts

  • Draw / make build a landmark
  • Collage the national emblem / design a new emblem
  • Find out about artists from that country
  • Make art in the style of (above)
  • Research folk music/composers
  • Famous musicians – play along with a well-known song using body percussion
  • Who is the current number 1 in the charts / download charts / streaming
  • What was number 1 in the country’s chart when you were born
  • Instruments used in the National Anthem
  • Write a song about the country



  • Who is the Prime Minister? / Do they have a Prime Minister?
  • Where is the government based – do they have a government building?
  • How many members of parliament does the country have?
  • What are the names of the political parties?