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Oxford Reading Buddy


  • All children from Nursery to Year 6 will have a Reading Buddy account and many children have been using Reading Buddy in school already.  


  • Click the Oxford Reading Buddy icon above and you will be taken directly to the Oxford Reading Buddy website. 


  • Click ‘student login’ to begin.  The school code is hl8cw followed by your username and password. 


  • Oxford Reading Buddy can be accessed on computers, tablets and smart phones.  Please note that it cannot be accessed via a kindle as it needs to have web access.  


  • Oxford Reading Buddy is an online reading service that supports each child’s reading journey. Reading Buddy contains hundreds of Oxford books all matched to each child’s reading levels.    The reading buddy chosen by each child helps to engage and motivate them to succeed. Children can choose to read independently at their reading level, read with family members or can listen to the stories just for fun.  Audio and text tracking is available at earlier levels to help children to follow the text. There are comprehension quizzes linked to the stories so that the child’s understanding of the text can be assessed. Quiz scores determine when pupils are ready to change level.


*Please note children must read a number of books and complete a number of quizzes before the system will move them up to the next reading level.  Parents/teachers cannot move children up levels as this is done automatically based on quiz results.