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Year 4

Meet the Year 4 Team!



I'm Mrs Williams and this year I'm in Year 4! I enjoy reading and spending time outdoors. Most weekends are spent doing activities with my children; trampolining, visiting local parks or playing games in the house. I love nothing more than cuddling on the sofa with my family for a 'film night' (with a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows)!

I started working at the school in 2011 and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. Before starting my training, I worked as a florist, then as a playworker but soon decided that I wanted to pursue my lifelong ambition of becoming a teacher. As a child, I would often ‘teach’ my teddies, take a register and mark the teddies’ work!

In high school, my favourite subjects were Drama and Child Development. Now, I love teaching ICT and I'm passionate about the importance of teaching children to read.


Hello, I'm Mrs Hodge!

After homeschooling my own children during lockdowns, I realised I loved working with

and helping children to learn. I was lucky enough to start working at Tredegar Park Primary School and I am now excited to start my second year in Year 4! I love helping children with their reading and it's so lovely when I see them move up the levels and become more confident.

When I'm not in school, I enjoy spending time with my daughters and being the 'Mum Taxi' taking them to all their clubs! When I do get some time to myself, there's nothing better than a relaxing brunch with the girls!



Hi, I’m Mr. Ford. I have taught here since 1988. My interests are sports, especially football, cricket and ice hockey. I rarely miss a Wales football international and am also the team manager for Cardiff Junior Devils under 16s ice hockey team.

I have learned Welsh as an adult and am kept busy with my grandchildren. I enjoy TV detective series and wildlife programmes. 

My favourite lesson when I was in school was Geography. Welsh wasn’t taught in Newport then!

My favourite food is lamb or cheese and my favourite holiday destination is Malta. The best place I’ve been to watch football is Vienna in Austria.

If I wasn’t a teacher, I’d either go back to my old job - I was a gorilla keeper at Twycross Zoo, (honestly!) or work for the BBC or Sky in the Sports Department.



What will be learning about throughout the year?


Autumn Term - We Are What We Eat!

Year 4 will be munching their way through the autumn term! We will be learning all about where our food comes from and how it ends up on our plates! We will be exploring tastes from around the world and taking part in cookery sessions to recreate some of our favourite recipes. 

We will learn about food hygiene and how to make sure we don't poison each other as well as understanding how food can affect our health!

Look out the Michelin Stars coming our way!


Spring Term - Channel Hopping!

Year 4 will be travelling across Europe! We will be learning about the different countries, their capital cities, flags, currency, landmarks, mountains, rivers, lakes and much more! We’ll even be finding out about European destinations for Winter holidays and hope to try skiing ourselves, in Pontypool - not The Alps!

We will be inviting guest speakers to share their experiences of living and going to school in different countries. We will also be finding out about the Vikings and how they changed Europe. 

We will take part in our school Eisteddfod and learn about St David. 


Now that you are in Year 4...

  • You will be taking part in 'Class Brass' lessons where you will learn to play an instrument!
  • We will be going swimming!
  • You will be learning how to develop your handwriting by joining.


What can you do at home to help? 

  • For our 'Foodie' topic you could ask family members if they have any recipes to share and you could have a go at making them. You could discuss your favourite goods as a family - do you all like the same things? You could watch cooking shows together or programmes about food production, such as Food Unwrapped or Inside the Factory.


  • For our topic ‘Channel Hopping’ you could try different foods from the countries we study. You could ask family or friends if they have visited the country and if they have, interview them about their experiences. You could also help your child learn a few words or phrases in the language of the chosen country. Why not use Google Maps to find where different countries are located? How far away are they? You could even make a list of the places you and your family have visited or would like to visit.


Please encourage your children to use Mathletics and Oxford Reading Buddy at home - these are fantastic resources for children to practise their skills.


Hwb is another resource that can be used at home - you will find a range of educational apps to support your children's learning.  You will also find lots of information about the new Curriculum for Wales.


You can also visit the 'Connect' page on this website to find exciting activities that you could do at home. I'm sure the staff will love knowing you're watching their videos!


PE Information

Children will be taking part in weekly PE sessions to help them stay fit and healthy as well as developing their skills such as balance and coordination.


Our PE sessions will be on a Wednesday.

Please ensure that all jewellery is removed - thank you!



If you would like to chat with us, we kindly request that you contact the school office on 01633 817161 or via email at Messages will be given to us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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