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Who are the Reception teachers?


Miss Woolfall (RA), Miss Hipkiss (RB) and Mrs Nichols (RC)

Miss Gargaro, Miss Gregory, Miss Hakim and Mrs Smith


Miss Woolfall

Hello, I am Miss Woolfall.  This is my first year at Tredegar Park Primary but I have taught in lots of other schools previously. 

In my spare time I like spending time with my family and friends.  I also like baking cupcakes and brownies.  Every week I go to a trampolining exercise class where I jump and dance on a mini trampoline to music; it is great fun!  I love going on holiday, especially to a sunny place.  However, I have been skiing a few times and would like to go again.  My favourite food is spaghetti carbonara and I absolutely love chocolate, especially Dairy Milk.  My favourite animal is a monkey.

When I was at school I liked Maths and Welsh.  I knew I wanted to be a teacher from a young age and I used to like pretending to be a teacher with my teddies.  I went straight to university after school to begin my training.  If I wasn’t a teacher I would like to own a sweet shop. 



Miss Gargaro

Hello, Ciao!  

My name is Miss Gargaro and I am Italian. I am a mother of a beautiful daughter. I have been working as a Teaching Assistant in Reception for 4 years, which I really enjoy!. I love P.E and getting the children involved in sports activities. My favourite thing to do is dance. I have been a dancer for 18 years and I am still involved in a local dancing school. My dream is to become a teacher and also open up my very own dancing school.

When I was in school my favourite subjects were P.E, Drama and Art.

In my spare time I spend time with my daughter taking her to dancing and gymnastics. I like to go on adventures on the weekend with my daughter and my family around Wales. The best time of the day is reading bedtime stories to my daughter before bed and getting creative with thoughts from the story.

My favourite food is steak and spaghetti carbonara. I like to watch my nan and my mother make pizza and Italian food. 

I love going on holiday to Italy where I can spend time with my grandparents who live there.



Miss Hipkiss

Hi! My name is Miss Hipkiss and I am in my second year of teaching. In my spare time I love to do lots of exercise, play sports, cooking and shopping (I am always busy!).

I love Italian food and my favourite restaurant is Zizzi’s. I like to read stories about detectives, where I try to solve the mystery. I love telling and listening to jokes, so I always make sure that I have time to listen to some each week. I absolutely love going on holiday to beautiful places like Paris but if I could go anywhere it would be Jamaica to go zip wiring through the palm trees.

When I was at school I loved PE and I went to an after-school club every day of the week. From rugby to tap dance, I enjoy anything that keeps me active. At the moment, I play tennis after school and badminton on weekends. Before I became a teacher, I worked as a waitress but they couldn’t keep me away from the food! If I wasn’t a teacher, I would like to be a sports coach in the Summer and a mad scientist in the Winter.


Miss Gregory

Hey hey hey, Miss Gregory here!

I am a reception Teaching Assistant, this is my second year here and I absolutely love it! When I was in school I loved PE. I played netball when I was 8 up until when I was 19, I also loved History and learning about what has happened in the world before we were all born.  

I have so many different things that I love to do. These include playing sports, I love watching Wales play rugby and I do love a shopping trip and being with my friends and family too. Eating is also one of my hobbies, I love food! My favourite food is a Chinese and I love Italian food too, pasta is yummy! I’ve always wanted to go to Italy, that would be my dream holiday, but I did love Ibiza that is one of my favourite places to go on holiday, sat on the beach reading my favourite books. Before I worked with you lovely lot I worked in Clarks the shoe shop where I got to measure smelly feet! If I wasn’t a teaching assistant my dream job would be an interior designer, that would be cool!


Miss Hakim

Hey there!! My name is Miss Hakim and I have been working in reception classes for 2 years, which I really enjoy!! In my spare time, I love to exercise and go for long walks with my dogs. I also enjoy horse riding.

Before becoming part of the great team at Tredegar Park Primary I worked at Asda for over 15 years!

I love the outdoors and nature, and my favourite escape is at my caravan. My favourite food is pasta and I enjoy going to food and music festivals.

Some of the most beautiful places I have been to visit are Paris and New York were I shopped till I dropped!

My goal in school was to work with children and I am very lucky to be able to have that opportunity. If I did not work at school, I would probably be a chef because I’m just that greedy!


Mrs Nichols

Hi I’m Mrs Nichols. I have been a Reception Teacher for quite a long time but I have also had lots of other jobs. I used to work in St David’s Hall in Cardiff and I was even a stand-up comedian for a short time. I love music and the arts and can play the trumpet and ukulele. When I was in school I loved writing, drama and art. I studied drama in University and when I was young I wanted to be famous. Now I love cooking and gardening and I have planted lots of flowers, vegetables and plants around the school site. If I wasn’t a teacher I would love to run my own theatre and music cafe.


Mrs Smith

My name is Mrs Smith and I am a Teaching Assistant in Reception with Mrs Nichols.   

When I’m in the classroom I love listening to you read and creating all kinds of things in the art area. When I was at school I enjoyed learning about all kinds of animals and about where they lived and what they ate.

 I love all kinds of animals and the weirder the animal the better. I have kept stick insects, hissing cockroaches and sun beetles as pets in the classroom in the past. I currently have a ginger cat named Annie who lives at home with me.

Before coming to Tredegar Park Primary School, I worked in Asda Duffryn filling the shelves in the night when you were all asleep. I enjoyed that job but working with you in school is much better. When I was a little girl I always wanted to work in a zoo and look after all the animals

When I’m at home I like to read, watch the telly and play on the PlayStation. I enjoy watching animal programs on the telly and my favourite show is the Secret Life of the Zoo. I like to go on holiday to West Wales in my tent with my 2 grown up sons. We like to have BBQs and roast marshmallows on the campfire.  I love going to the Blaina Wharf for a carvery, a roast dinner is my favourite food. 

I can’t wait to see you all in school, give me a wave if you see me.


What we will be learning


Autumn Term

Our Topic is 'Marvellous Me' .

We will be learning about school and how to get along with other children and our teachers. We will be finding out about our families, where we live and how our bodies work. We will be investigating different celebrations that happen in autumn as well as seasonal changes. We hope to spend lots of time outside finding out about the school environment. We will be starting Read Write Inc. and learning our initial letter sounds and how to write simple words. We will be using number in lots of different ways and discovering shapes and measure.  We will be learning how to use a variety of digital devices and using our skills to find out about the world around us.

This term we will be reading ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.


Spring Term

This term we will be ‘Explorers’ and the class will decide which country or location we would like to explore. We will also be looking at our local area and finding out about what it means to live in Wales. We will be reading ‘Dear Zoo’ and lots of non fiction books related to the location we will be exploring.


Summer Term

This term we will be 'Stepping into Spring and Summer' by planting and growing a variety of seeds and vegetables in our Reception garden. We will be looking at weather patterns and finding out about holidays and the seaside. We will be designing a healthy lunch box. We hope to have a picnic and make some of our own food. We will be finding out about what we need to keep safe in the sun and what sort of clothes we should wear in different temperatures.


Books we will be reading this term

In the summer term we will be reading ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’.


What pupils say about being in Reception

"I love our hospital role play."

"I like playing with the maths games."

"I like building and going on the go karts in the outdoor area!"


PE days

We work and play outdoors most days, so please ensure that your child

has a coat and appropriate footwear.


Now that you are in Reception

You will be learning lots of new things and making friends with new children. You will also be having lunch in school. You will be able to use lots of different rooms for different activities. You will learning to read and write with ‘Read, Write Inc.’ and working in groups with different children.


What can you do at home to help?

Talk about what we have learned at school today.

Practice holding a pencil with correct grip.

Write your name.

Read together using Reading Buddies.

Encourage your child to count accurately to at least 10 when out and about.

Read traditional tales like Three little Pigs and The Little Red Hen.

Encourage your child to complete routine tasks such as

doing up your coat and putting on shoes and jumpers.



Suggested Websites* Oxford Owl is an award-winning website to help support children’s learning. They have a fantastic selection of free ebooks.

Select 'My Class Login'. My Class Name & My Class Password are both TPP1 An array of fantastic resources to help your children with Literacy & Mathematics. Read Write Inc. teaches children to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension. They learn to form each letter, spell correctly, and compose their ideas step-by-step.


*Please note these links lead to external websites & we are not responsible for the content of these pages. 

With the current situation, it is a little tricky to talk to us at the start or end of the school day. If your would like to chat to use, we kindly ask that you contact the school office on 01633 817161 or via email at and we will get back to your as soon as we can.