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Lead Creative Schools Scheme - Arts Council of Wales

Tredegar Park Primary School is proud to be working in partnership with the Arts Council of Wales as a Lead Creative School.  Funded by the National Lottery, this project aims to support creativity across the school by collaborating with creative professionals to explore creative approaches to teaching and learning.  This collaborative process encourages an environment where learners can ask questions, leading to learners being more involved in decision making while bringing the curriculum to life.


Pupils are currently involved in a variety of creative learning projects in Key Stage 2. We are working with Clary Sadler, Creative Director of Forget -Me-Not Productions who is developing projects in literacy, dance, drama and film.





Much of our project has been centred around the story of ‘The Great Kapoc Tree’. In one session we created our own rainforest animal masks, used a green screen to take photographs and later utilised the masks when devising a piece of drama. 





Focusing on specific parts of the story of ‘The Great Kapoc Tree’, the children used their ideas and created ‘Freeze Frames’ depicting the events, thoughts and emotions of the various characters.





Using ‘The Great Kapoc Tree’ story for inspiration, the children created their own animations. They drew the backgrounds, created moving characters and finally animated the pictures in iMovie; the results were fantastic!



There will be a new creative project next year which will be announced in the Autumn Term!