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School Meal Provision

School Meals 




School meals are provided by Chartwells and all school meals are prepared and cooked on the premises.  Children have the option of a hot or cold meal.  Menus are developed in line with the 'Healthy Eating in School Measures' which means that you can be guaranteed that your child will receive a nutritionally balanced and healthy meal.  Vegetarian, Vegan and Halal options are always available.     


From September 2023 all Newport primary pupils will be able to have a free school meal (please note that you do not have to apply to receive this).  However, we do ask that Parents/Carers use 'ParentPay' to select the meal they wish their child to have in advance.  Click the icon below to be taken to the Parent Pay website.  If you need any help setting up a ParentPay account please speak to a member of staff in the office.



Pupils with allergies or special dietary requirements will need to complete Chartwells' Medical Diet Request forms and must provide evidence from a registered dietician or doctor of the allergy or dietary requirement.


Children wishing to bring their own packed lunch may do so.  We ask for your help in sending in a healthy and nutritious packed lunch in order to support our Healthy Eating Policy.   




Free School Meals Support


Families that have traditionally qualified for free school meals can still access additional support but must apply to the council.  This is dependent on the income you receive and is subject to certain eligibility criteria which can be found on the below website (please click the image below).   



Support includes: 

- School essentials grant 

- Discount on school trips 

- Additional funding for the school 


To apply please click the red link below or download and complete the free school meal application below.  Please note: An application for additional support only needs to be made if your child is not already entitled to free school meals.  If your child is already receiving free school meals (prior to September 2023) these will be automatically rolled over into the new academic year.  







Theme Day - 9th November

Autumn / Winter Menu 








Autumn / Winter Vegan Menu

Autumn / Winter Allergy Aware Menu (with meat)

Autumn / Winter Allergy Aware Vegetarian Menu

Autumn / Winter Allergy Aware Halal Menu