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Updated Snack Time Guidance

Children in Nursery to Year 2 will be provided with snacks in school. We ask parents and guardians for a £1 contribution to cover some of the costs of the system we have in place. 


Children in Years 3 to 6 are encouraged to bring in a 'healthy snack' for break time. We know that the guidance states that everything can be eaten in moderation. At Tredegar Park Primary we know that parents and guardians know best when it comes to feeding the children. However, as a school we are expected by Welsh Government and relevant agencies to strongly encourage children to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. The school canteen carry out a great job of introducing different vegetables into the daily meals at lunchtime. We hope that our parents and guardians will support us in our quest to encourage our children to eat fresh fruit and vegetables to benefit their bodies. 


We have created a very brief list of food items that you may wish to give your child at playtime in school: 

Fresh fruit 

Fresh vegetables 

Dried fruit 

Cheese products 

Bread sticks/crackers 


Please support us by not giving your child chocolate, nuts, biscuits or crisps for their morning snack. 


Please remember that we have children in school with severe nut allergies. These allergies can be fatal. We are a Nut Free School in order to protect our children from harm. Please remember that Nutella contains nuts and therefore should not be used in your child's sandwiches. You may find this a little frustrating if your child loves a Nutella sandwich but please think how you would feel if your child was put in unnecessary danger. We have a great community here who want the best for the children. We are confident that you will adhere to the requests in order to keep all children safe from harm.