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Year 1

Meet the Year 1 Team 



Mrs Tottle 

Hi, I am Mrs Tottle and I am the class teacher for 1A.  In my spare time I enjoy cycling, walking and climbing mountains with my family. My favourite foods include Yorkshire pudding and cakes.  When not in school I like travelling around the United Kingdom exploring different places. When I was in school I enjoyed playing netball and exploring different chemicals in science. I have always wanted to be a teacher and went straight to University after leaving school to start my training.  If I wasn't a teacher I would like to be an accountant as I like money.


Mrs Bamford  


Hi, I am Mrs Bamford and I am the Teaching Assistant in 1A.  I like to spend time with my family, reading and cooking. My favourite food to cook and eat is Italian. I love holidays by the sea, especially if it somewhere hot. My favourite subject in school was art. I have had lots of different jobs and being a Teaching Assistant is my favourite. 





Mrs Badat

Hello, I am Mrs Badat, a teacher in Year 1. In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym, baking cakes and spending time with my family. I also enjoy eating all the cakes and biscuits I bake. My favourite food has to be my mum's chicken and rice.My class also know how much I love chocolate. I love going to Pakistan as I have lots of family there that I spend time with. Before I became a teacher, I used to help my Dad in his Post Office. I really enjoyed counting the money. If I wasn’t a teacher, I would like to be a Personal Trainer and help people get fit and healthy as that is something I really enjoy doing myself.




Mrs Szade   


Hi I’m Mrs Szade,  I’m a Teaching Assistant in Year 1.  In my spare time I enjoy going for long walks with my 3 dogs.  I have two daughters who love to bake with me and try out new recipes with lemon drizzle cake being a favourite.  We as a family also love to travel and have found Mexico to be one of our favourite places to go on holiday. If I wasn’t a teaching Assistant my dream job would have been to have become a midwife .



What will we be learning throughout the year?


Autumn Term

Our Autumn Term topic is 'Sky's the Limit.' This term we will be learning about what we can see in the sky. This includes birds, modes of air transport, dinosaurs and space. We will also be looking at Superheroes and different jobs that we may have when we are older. Through the use of Purplemash, Beebots, Chromebooks and iPads we will be developing our Technology skills.  Through a variety of circle time activities we will be developing the Health and Wellbeing of the children, especially thinking about caring for ourselves.





Spring Term

Our Spring Term Topic will be 'Out and About.' During this topic we will be finding out about Newport. The Teachers cannot wait to find out what the children know about Newport.



Summer Term

Our Summer Term Topic will be 'Superheroes.' During this topic we will be investigating different Superheroes and people that help us. 





Books we will be reading this term ...

This term we will be exploring a variety of different story books. Our main focus books will be 'How to Catch a Star' and 'Supertato'.




What pupils say about being in Year 1.

  • "The science experiments have been fun."

  • "I have learnt how to log onto Chromebooks and play maths games."

  • "I have really enjoyed making things."

  • "Doing work with teachers has been fun."

PE Days

Our PE Day is on a Monday.


The children will need shorts and t-shirts in a bag with a name on it.

Please ensure that all jewellery is removed. 

Now that you are in Year 1...

Our Eco Committee members are ...




Our School Council members are ...




Our Criw Cymraeg members are ...



What can you do at home to help?


During our 'Sky's the Limit' topic why not get creative and create a paper aeroplane or use materials around the house to make a kite. Whose aeroplane flew the furthest? 


When you are 'Out and about' in Newport, talk to your child about what you can see. Take your child to visit different landmarks in Newport.  


During our 'Superheroes' find out about different Superheroes. Which one is your child's favourite and why?  


We currently live in a developing digital world. Spend some time with your child discussing how to stay safe when online. Visit out Internet Safety page on the School Website for activities and ideas to support you. 


Visit the Connect page on our school website.  Here you will find other information and activities that will help to support your child at home. You may even see a few familiar faces on the activity videos. 


Encourage your child to read regularly. Reading for 10 minutes a day can have a huge impact on their progress. You can read any sort of book that you have at home, magazines, comics and also log into 'Oxford Reading Buddy. '


Log into 'PurpleMash' and explore the different tools that the children have been using within school. 


Hwb is another resource that can be used at home - you will find a range of educational apps to support your children's learning.  You will also find lots of information about the new Curriculum for Wales.





Communication at this time ...

With the current situation, it is a little tricky to talk to us at the start or end of the school day. If you would like to chat to us, we kindly ask that you contact the school office on 01633 817161 or via email at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


You can follow us on our Twitter page - @TredegarParkPS